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My husband and I visited his parents last Saturday and I was able to snap some great pictures. The pictures below are of a persimmon tree that is in the yard in front of my in-law's house.

It is said that you can predict the winter by taking the seeds out of some persimmons and then slicing the seeds. Whichever shape shows up the most will tell you what kind of winter to expect.

The three shapes resembel three eating utensils:
A Knife shape means there will be a cold icy winter (as in the wind will slice through you)
A Spoon shape means there will be plenty of snow for you to shovel.
A Fork shape means there will be a mild winter.

We didn't cut one open, but a friend of mine at work said that her husband did and it was a spoon. So, if there is any truth to that, then we will be having a lot of snow! (Tammy and Erica, you probably don't have to worry about that much in Texas do ya?)

I Love Old Barns!

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Happy Birthday Holly!

Our baby girl Holly turned one year old in October.
She sure has come a long way from 1.5 pounds.
She is a good baby.
Happy Birthday Holly!
We love you very much.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Autumn Colors

These are posted especially for Tammy & Erica who don't get these beautiful colors in Texas.

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Kreativ Blogger Award

Sending Bloggy Love!

Tammy sent me this award last night (Thanks Tammy). In turn, I am supposed to list 6 things that make me happy and send this award on to 6 bloggers.
  1. Waking up in the arms of the man I love
  2. Spending time with friends and family
  3. Hugs & Kisses from my nieces and nephews
  4. Walks on the beach
  5. Cuddling with a baby or pet
  6. Photography & Chinese Food (I know that is 2 answers, but it is hard to name just 6)

Now, to send this on to 6 blogs I enjoy reading:

  1. Fishing Guy at "The Fishing Guy"
  2. Shelly at "The Mattingly Family Homestead"
  3. Kelly at "America As Seen By Kelly"
  4. Angie at "Angie's World of Photography & Fun"
  5. Dawn at "By Sun and Candlelight"
  6. I apologize, but I am knew at this and don't have 6 blogs that I follow yet...

I have all of these blog sites on my side bar. Please click on them and visit their wonderful sites.

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Railroad Town

My husband and I take an evening walk every day and I recently took these pictures during one of those walks. Our town is nicknamed "Railroad Town" so I thought they were appropriate.

These next two pictures are of a very weird looking tree that is on our walking path.

I love living in a small town!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rascal Flatts "Bob That Head Tour"

Some pictures from the Rascal Flatts "Bob That Head Tour".
You can see more on my other blog page,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Favorite Barn

This barn is on 434 which is a highway that I travel everyday. I have always loved it. I would love to one day visit the farm and get some close up pictures.

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